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The following 394 companies have agreed to plant on Planting Day. Get your office to join in the fun!

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Greenpiece Garden Centre Not sure yet. Have been away and just returned. We are in Botswana and I am giving a talk to the local garden club early in August... thought it might be a good idea to try and get Botswana people involved.
The Four Man Section 21 Gauteng, Johannesburg We intend to plant seedlings inside tyres and other containers. We want to plant vegetables and herbs but we are not sure which ones are suitable for the season. We will ask from the nearest nursery and other garden projects
Vhacks Landscaping Gauteng, Cullinan planting indigenous trees
Scattered Dreams Western Cape, Cape Town While moving house, and still working from home, I've decided to divide the garden to planting... and while one side is strictly for herbs, and for planting day i've decided we're going to add flower's and plants that add color! Surely it could brighten up anyone's day...
Oryx Trust Eastern Cape, Jeffrey's Bay We're planting up vegetable seedlings in newspaper/cardboard pots and will be giving these away with info cards on the big day. Courtyard filling up with tubs of soil & seed!
E'skhaleni Gauteng, Soweto First charity begins at home, we will be planting first at the company premises and at our own houses to show how much we support the initiative. And envolve the youth and some local business
Jason Whitehead Western Cape, Cape Town I already have an organic garden patch at home, which I plan to expand on Planting Day. Seeing as though my cherry tomatoes are going out of season, I will plant something for winter - any ideas would be appreciated!
Worms 4 Africa KwaZulu Natal, Howick planted a variety of herbs and veges, spinach, cabbage, broccoli etc
HORTICULTRIX KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg I plan on planting seeds of food plants to use in future Permaculture Gardens. Lets all work together to reduce our emissions and create a sustainable lifestyle!
Breaking Ground learning and Development Western Cape, Cape Town Peas,lettuce. corn and a number of herbs
Econo Pumps Gauteng, Cullinan We have planted a range of plants in our experimental Greenhouse in experimental plant boxes using experimental grow media. It is looking good at this stage and photos will be sent to you at a later date.
The Sunflower Patch Plant Squash zucchini bell peppers cilantro blackeyed susans lavender sunflowers blueberry bush
St Dunstan's College Enviro club Gauteng, Benoni The school children have planted vegetables seeds, which when grown will be donated to a children's home.
Woema graphic and Web Gauteng, Centurion I'm going to give a little training on planting veggies and herbs. Then we are going to plant seeds and seedlings in pots and put it in our entrance hall at our office. This is almost like a greenhouse, so it will be interesting to see how it grows!!
The Organic Herb Company Gauteng, Honeydew Several items in our diary for the 20th. Assisting 2 families plan and plant their veggie garden Attending a country market at the Heritage School in Kroomdraai and will be giving out info on herb and veggie growing along with seedlings to school children Revamping our own gardens from which staff also harvest for their own needs
Feng Shui in Design Gauteng, Johannesburg We are planting fresh tomato seeds, potato and onions that uneaten and a couple of herbs
Mighty-IT Western Cape, Robertson We will be planting veg and flowers
Soulroots eco developments We are planning to plant an organic veg and herb garden at Inyanga primary school.
EXACT APPLICATIONS cc Gauteng, Sandton Within the complex where our offices are encouraging all to plant herbs and vegetables... trusting our enthusiasm will carry through to all and turn a large flower bed into something more sustainable!
Natrocine Western Cape, Oudtshoorn Inheemse bome
The Birches KwaZulu Natal, Pinetown Our countdown has already begun. We have a Herb Spiral Garden bed already going with a 'salad garden' in it. As an addition to our Permaculture project at school we are investigating new ways or growing vegetables. As we have visiting monkeys from time to time; we have a Shade Green house from Home Organic being set up. Each class will be planting different veges 'organically' using our own worn compost and worm tea on Friday 19th at school! Each child has undertaken to involve their families in planting vegetables at home on Saturday 20th! (did you keep my last e-mail?)
VeggiePatch Western Cape, Hermanus We will be planting tomatoes, lettuce and dandelions (for medicinal use) in Earthboxes. We are distributing the Earthbox so that anyone can grow fresh produce in spite of poor soil conditions or lack of space. veggiepatch.co.za
Creating Action Spaces Together cc Gauteng, Johannesburg Set up and plant the EarthBoxes with veggies and herbs outside my (one woman) office which is situated in a cottage in my garden.
Tall Trees KwaZulu Natal, Pinetown Planting out 5000 saplings
Equal Zeal Gauteng, Randburg Equal Zeal has 16 franchises throughout the country who promote positive lifestyle solutions for families and they are going to be planting seeds and sharing the information with clients.
W3b.co.za Gauteng, Benoni adding a new variety to our already established herb and vegetable garden at home
Kangrosa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng, Pretoria We took the seeds from paw paws that we ate and planted them in seed trays. They have now germinated and grown to 20 viable tree plants that will be ready to be transplanted on the 10th March. We plan for the trees to be planted as a source of food. There are a lot of foods that people eat that have seed, all we need to do is give them some love and attention, plant, and watch a renewable source of food.
Groenfontein Veggies Limpopo, Mokopane We are a communal , commercial farming enterprise, farming mainly with tomato's under protection (Nets) currently awaiting our global gap registration and organic farm certification. We apply only biological farming principals. We provide schools and societies in our area with advice and planting material for home food gardens.
St Dunstan's Conservancy Gauteng, Benoni We are in the process of planting a organic vegtable garden and the proceeds will be donated to underprevileged schools or homes. We arealso planning to plant 150 trees in and around the school grounds during the year.
Mother Earth Sanctuary Gauteng, Meyerton ritual to celebrate Mother Earth. Planting vegetable seeds - organically.
EarthShine Western Cape, Cape Town We are going to have an open garden day, do a walk around and plant a new bed up in our existing Permaculture garden, and then encourage everyone to go home and do the same there.
Paarman Landscapes Western Cape, Cape Town Well we plant all the time as landscapers, but have planted my own veg garden and are getting interested clients to do the same or do it for them.
Campbell Leslie Ins Brks KwaZulu Natal,  we already have an organic garden at the office which plant and harvest regularly
Jacklin Organic Mpumalanga, Carolina Planting 0.5 Ha field of garlic. Organic Gardening workshop and panting vegetables at local school.
The Sugar Fairy Western Cape, Paarl We're preparing and expanding our Veggie Patches..All suitable food waste is being composted & we would love to get a wormery going..
Tshimo Gardens - Gardens & Lifestyle Centre Northern Cape, Sishen Plant an organic veggie garden at our nursery and reach out to the people of Kathu to participate.
gingko Gauteng, Johannesburg WE have a veg garden that we've been working on for a while, but which needs more expert input
Cresset House Gauteng, Midrand We have six houses on our property, taking care of 54 adults with intellectual disabilities.Each house will plant an organic herb/s in their garden. Donors and the odd company will join us in this activity.Information on organic and related "green" issues will be shared.
Hlahlela training & multi co-op Western Cape, Cape Town We are in persuite to aquire a land in the visinity of durbanville. Planting vegitables
India Daisy Gauteng, Krugersdorp Well as a small "home" based company where it is just me as the employee and employer, i have decided to "employ" my kids for the planting season...we have decided to turn the back of our house into a herb garden on the one side, a vegetable patch on the other, and plant a lemon tree. So they can appreciate this momentus occasion.
C-Side Entertainment KwaZulu Natal, Richards Bay I am currently already planting but will make a special effort to plant some special plants on Planting day
Conscious Spaces Western Cape,  We plant trees in our 10 gardens. We start organic vegetable gardens. We infect our clients with this healing virus.
Nova Business Centre Western Cape, Cape Town plant something green
Urban Gratification Western Cape, Cape Town In the days leading up to Planting Season 2, We will be planning a community garden and compost heap which will be completed by March 20th.
motsake estates Limpopo, Polokwane To encourage local school to support the day by buying trees and plants for them..already targeted 15 local primaries
Gqunube Green Ecovillage Eastern Cape, East London I have included information on this project in a newsletter sent out to 31 families who are about to commence building homes in this new ecovillage on the Gonubie River. It will be up to these families to decide to participate.
K2M ENVIRONMENTAL North West, Rustenburg we wil be planting vegetables at in our garden at our office
C & S Marketing International Gauteng, Kempton Park Plant potatoes & other veggies in suitable containers
Housewife - private KwaZulu Natal, Pinetown Five and a half years ago after visiting my son in Johannesburg by air, and noticing the lack of indigenous trees in our barren landscape, I've started my private project 'FREE TREES TO SCHOOLS" where I collected fallen seeds from my indigenous Yellowwood trees (Podocarpus Latifolius) at home and sown and planted them later into bags using my own composting earthworms' vermi-compost as a soil medium. These saplings were donated to schools during Arbor Day/week and now Arbor month annually and over that period, I must have given thousands of these trees away for free! All costs came out of my own pocket, using birthday and christmast money received from my family - sometimes I've managed to sell some worm-farms and ploughed that money back into my private project. Over the years it cost me a proper fortune I can tell you that, labour costs, watering costs and mostly my own hard work etc. to keep my dream alive! I've struggled to find any sponsorship as it was a private project, but the latest news are that my project will join forces with the Wild Bird Trust/Cape Parrot Project where they will do the promotions and obtaining some corporate sponsorship for me, which will leave me to do the sowing, growing and donating of my "FREE TREES TO SCHOOLS". My dream of creating a continuous indigenousYellowwood Forest in Durban and KZN plus also from the Eastern Cape to Durban might be now more feasible to obtained in my lifetime! Any sponsorship towards my project will be welcomed and be made known in the media. I hope the public as well as the corporate world would join forces with me and start to turn the barren countryside and cities into green forests and help to combat Climate Change by transplanting these saplings everywhere possible!
ILS Coach Gauteng, Sandton Planting a vegetable and herb organic garden www.colleen-joy.com and http://www.ilslifecoachtraining.com/

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