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Participating companies

The following 394 companies have agreed to plant on Planting Day. Get your office to join in the fun!

Company name:

In-Tuition Gauteng,  Plant some vegies
urban sprout Western Cape, Cape Town We'll be planting more organic vegetables and indigenous plants at our home office. We'll also be giving away seeds to our readers and seedlings to those we work with. And we're hoping to have our chickendome ready...
Chenco Distributors Mpumalanga, Marble Hall We are going to plant oraganic Vegetables, herbs and soem trees and other plants.
african bliss Eastern Cape, Joubertina We will be extending our existing organic veggie garden and planting, planting.....
Little Star Montessori To start planting vegetables with the children - but we have to do our planting in pots!
Eco-Green Western Cape, Somerset West We will be planting our summer veggie patch with our 7 grandchildren
RE/MAX PROPERTY ASSOCIATES TABLE VIEW Western Cape, Cape Town Give seeds to family and clients
Jeanne Henn Eastern Cape, Humansdorp Starting veg seedlings : lettuce; tomatoes; cucumbers; basil; rocket; coriander; brinjals.
Go 2 Natural KwaZulu Natal, Ballito We will be campaigning to all of the women in our network (over 700) to participate in this initiative and start an organic garden.
Bramble Cottage Farm KwaZulu Natal, Scottburgh I already grow my own veges organically, and am starting another large area to sell to people in our area
Forres school Western Cape, Cape Town I am a nursery teacher and plan to get each child in my class, that is 17 children to plant a veg in the nursery garden.
Crazy Diamond Organic Education Western Cape, Cape Town We will be planting organic vegetable seeds in the garden of our Cob House, and will be sending packs home with our employees to plant in their own gardens at home. The vegetables harvested will be shared by the employees, as we continue to grow our awareness and gargen.
RE/MAX of Southern Africa Western Cape, Cape Town Will encourage staff to plant & make their own organic veg / herb garden at home.
Hemporium Western Cape, Cape Town Hemporium, in collaboration with Rocking the Daisies, will be handing out daisy seeds to all the customers that enter our shops on the day. (Even though they're not edible it's sure to get people into their gardens and encourage a connection with the Earth) All Hemporium employees will receive a pot along with a little bag of seeds to get their in office herb garden started!
Melville Manor Guest House Gauteng, Johannesburg Melville Manor Guest House will be planting Rocket, Parsley and Tomatoes in containers. These are the 3 vegetables that we use everyday in our breakfasts for the guests.
BERGZICHT NURSERY Western Cape, George Aquaponics phase two, add new tank and 500 fingerlings with 3 X 8m growbeds for Organic Vegetables and flowers
WESSA: Western Cape Western Cape, Cape Town starting a small organic herb patch blended in with indigenous garden
Lou Jewellers Eastern Cape, Cradock For past 12 months we are preparing 20 cubic meters of compost. We supply wood shavings from our woodwork factory to chicken farmers. They return the manured shavings to us for clean chavings. We then mix the chicken manure with wood bark, shavings and garden refuse to produce our own organic compost. We are going to plant orange trees on the industrial ground aswell as a organic veggie garden. The factory belong to me and for the past 2 years we have established more than 50 trees on the grounds. We harvest alian trees produce furniture from them and then use the excess for the compost.
Cakes in Bloom Gauteng, Benoni Add some summer veg to my already established organic veg garden
Peace Train Gauteng, Springs Planting herbs and veggies in our very own veggie patch.
Co-creators Western Cape, Cape Town Plant Organic Veg at the Woodstock Peace Garden
Organic Emporium Gauteng, Randburg We are going to get our customers involved in this initiative and will be asking them to assist any staff members that are currently living in townships with growing at least one vegetable to eat... I am confidant that Organic Emporium customers will whole-heartedly support this initiative as they are incredible people, passionate about doing what they can to support environmental initiatives and equally as passionate about spreading the word - that eating organically is critical for our and our planet's health. Organic Emporium will donate seeds for any township dweller that would like to try and grow something on Planting Season Day.
Faithful to Nature Western Cape, Cape Town We are going to sponsor seeds (hopefully bought from you) and potting soil for our employees to take home and plant some organic vegetables. We will also have some herbs and cherry tomotoes growing at work that we can use on our sandwiches at lunch.
Strategic Insight Gauteng, Johannesburg I am going to work with Julia Jordaan who has set up 'Urban Suss'. We will be focussing on Permaculture design for urban gardens in Johannesburg and roll out from Gauteng to the rest of South Africa.
Baphumelele Western Cape, Cape Town Preparations are done, the soil is being prepared
Groplast (Pty) Ltd Gauteng, Roodepoort We are embarking on a project to teach kids about growing organic vegetables .
B'Anka Western Cape, Hermanus I must tell you, I am more of a private individual than a company. Apart from my veggie patch seeds to plant and nurse, I am still thinking about something more exciting than planting a few trees in our Village of Stanford (not an option on your list), which is what I shall do, if I don't come up with something better. Will speak to friend Nadia, we were involved in Earth Hour together.
Democratic Alliance KZN KwaZulu Natal, Durban Will donate seedlings and gardening assistance to people in poor communities in the West Durban constituency.
KREATIV SA Western Cape, George Expand my backyard vegetable garden
I Need Cash Gauteng, Kempton Park Plant my Garden
Laerskool Messina Limpopo, Musina I need to find some organic seeds or seedlings for this day. Can you help me?
Urban Harvest Edible Gardens Western Cape, Cape Town Something Big! but planting is our game, so I guess the pressure is on!
Scrooge Diner Gauteng, Randburg We will plant an Acacia tree in an underpriveledged community that will bring shelter to the people of that area for centuries to come and simultaenously prevent soil erosion.
Mythril Farm Western Cape, George I will be planting organic swiss chard and pepper seeds
Khoisan Trading Western Cape, Velddrift Plant more herbs for our seasalt: wild dagga (leonotis), wild sage (salvia), wild mint (mentha), wild rosemary(eriocephalus).
Little Leaders Pre School KwaZulu Natal, Durban We have had 80 tyres delivered to our school and we are making tyre gardens!! We have 90 children at our school and 22 staff and together we are changing our environment for the better - cleaning up by using tyres and creating food by planting!!
Bushwhackers Free State, Bloemfontein veggies and herbs
Green-a-Planet Gauteng, Sandton We will be planting indigenous trees as well as starting a vegetable garden. We intend training our staff to plant their own vegetable garden on the premises where they work so that they can go home with vegetables for their families.
H2O International Western Cape, Cape Town Plant organic herbs, such as basil!
Kouga Urban Harvest Edible Gardens Eastern Cape,  What we always do! Designing, creating and maintaining organic, permaculture food production systems for our clients. Growing organic vegetable seedlings at our nursery and planting these in our own gardens and in all of our clients gardens.
Resource Consulting Services (SA)Pty Ltd Free State, Harrismith Plant
Old Khaki Safaris (Pty) Ltd Gauteng, Pretoria We are in a Game Reserve Estate, and will be getting the estate involved, as we have a fully fenced off area not used, this will become our new GARDEN
Gauteng Toshiba Gauteng, Honeydew We will be planting some herbs and veggies as well as indigenous plants
Monetleng Investments North West, Sun City We are already beginning an initiative to get the school children planting. We would like to perhaps link this campaign into our initiative
The Buzz Box Gauteng, Johannesburg 1. Start a vegetable garden. 2. Plant flowers outside my office.
Radford House Gauteng, Johannesburg Our children (about 130) will be planting spinach seedlings donated to us by Doonholm nursery
Haai-5 Swim School Western Cape, Knysna We are planning to have our new handmade, wooden planter boxes full of homemade compost, planted out with veggies to feed our family. We have 6 new fruit trees and a grape vine planted already.. beginning to see some early blossom on the peach... my cherry tomatoes are already producing.. and by Planting Day, We also hope to have our hanging basket flourishing with Cape Gooseberries..I have asked my family to buy me a wormery for my birthday in August ....
Bright Idea Designers cc KwaZulu Natal, Durban Bright Idea Designers cc will be creating a herb garden as well as planting asparagus.
Geoscience Laboratories Western Cape, Cape Town We have a large piece of land at the back of our premises. Have decided to use it constructively and start a veggie garden for the staff.

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