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Participating companies

The following 394 companies have agreed to plant on Planting Day. Get your office to join in the fun!

Company name:

GreenWorks Environmental Design Gauteng, Pretoria As a member of The Design Collaboration, GreenWorks will involve the remaining 12 member companies by sponsoring seeds etc. at our premises in Pretoria which include a hothouse were we can grow our organic veggie garden.
Hands On Treatment Gauteng, Sandton During the month of September, we will include a sachet of seeds with all our ten minute mobile neck and shoulder corporate massages. www.handsontreatment.co.za
Trees4Schools Western Cape, Cape Town Plant organic tyre veggie gardens at Baphumelele AIDS orphanage
GRASMERE OSTRICHES Eastern Cape, Humansdorp I live on a farm and am lucky to have good, fertile soil and plenty water.I have been planting trees, shrubs, annuals ,veggies and fruit in my organic garden for decades, so regardless of whether it's Spring equinox countdown or full moon or whatever season, there is always activity in my garden. My farm labourors also enjoy their plots where they can grow veggies with seeds supplied by me. I teach them to make compost,to plant according to moon cycles and above all, to work with, not against, Nature. This means not killing frogs, snakes,porcupines etc. After reading about the wonderful properties of SPEKBOOM, I will endeavour to start a planting project of these shrubs in our area. They are not indigenous to our coastline, but should do well.
Creative House Gauteng, Johannesburg Sponsor seedlings and growing equipment, using Jason's Garden -Tyre Method" We will prepare an area at our premises with shaded perimeter and irragation systems and use only organic methods of cultivation. We will document the process as an active journal for fun and to aid others in the future!
Drumblade Conservancy Gauteng,  Get all our members to plant!!
Platbos Forest Western Cape, Gansbaai All the staff of Platbos Forest will spend the day readying our organic veggie patch for Spring planting.
Healthy Business KwaZulu Natal, Durban We're looking forward to learning how to ensure the fruits and vegetables we already grow in our garden are truly organic. This is a fantastic initiative, and we're encouraging all our family, friends, business associates, and customers to take an active part.
Babazeka We've just started a veggie community initiative in our local township which will feed about 10 women. We will have this all in full swing by Planting Season Day. Very exciting!
The Red Barn Restaurant Western Cape, Knysna We have just brought in stock of 1st & 2nd generation seed - organic & bio-dynamic - from a local farmer. Very exciting! We will let all our cutomers know and put up info about Planting Day in the store/restaurant. As part of our outreach initiative we have 2 creche's in Keurhoek - one has a veggie garden already so we will supply them with seed. At the 2nd creche we will develope a garden for them, supplying seed and guidance. The restaurant staff will all receive seed for their gardens - with the usual dollop of advice and as to why we do the things the way we do! Our own kitchen gardens at the restaurant and at home will get a mega-plant up!!
dihwai tsa africa Gauteng, Germiston to plant a spinach
Let them Grow Private Baby day care centre Gauteng, Randburg Our Garden Class (30) at Let them Grow wil plant organic vegetables in the vegetable patch on this day and I will provide everything needed to make it a sucessful initiative. We will challenge all our parents to get their company's involved
PPG Construction Free State, Harrismith Give everyone seeds to plant
Ikamva Contract Publishers Gauteng, Randburg Will plant 5 new indigenous plants/trees on 22 Sep 2009
Cherry Moss Trade Western Cape, Somerset West Plant an office patch and buy the necessary to have either a kindergarten or underprivileged school do the same.
Medplan Consulting Gauteng, Sandton I firmly believe that what I put in is what I get out and that applies most definitely to what we eat. Aligned with this we are planning to plant a full veggie garden with a greenhouse for our herbs and more delicate veggies. Thank you for this opportunity.
Bophelo Tours and Safaris Gauteng, Pretoria We are going to plant a tree and create an organic vegtable garden.
IngweNet People Empowerment & Development Trust KwaZulu Natal, Durban Although we employ nobody, we are connected to dozens of volunteers, and some 785 community projects. At the time of Planting Day, I shall be completing Course 1 of a series of definitive Sustainable Community Living Courses in Midrand. On the 19th & 21st September, we will have planted the first natural (Permaculture / pre-organic) Growing areas with vegetables, herbs & fruit in my proprietary Sustainable Harvesting EcoGrowing Systems at the projects site in Midrand. In addition to the Course Participants planting on 22nd Sept, I shall encourage ALL of our affiliate international Volunteers working on SA projects, as well as the projects themselves, to each plant an "organic" vegetable, herb, or fruit at their homes AND at a project site.
Vinco Steel Western Cape, Paarl Plant lots of herbs and summer vegetables.
Earth Patrol cc. Gauteng, Sandton On the 22nd we're going to hold a "plant off' at the New Life center in Kew, using our combined skills to develop a food garden for the benefit of the girls and young women that seek refuge there. Sharing the methodologies of prep, planting and ongoing tending to a food garden to create food security and record this into a model to share. Finishing the day off with a 'from the soil' feast.
Livewire Engineering and Consulting (Pty) Ltd Western Cape, Cape Town We run our Cape Town office from a Wine Estate and we will make a herb, chillies and mini-vegetable garden. Each employee will receive seeds, herb plants with one olive tree to plant.
Vistara Architects Gauteng, Johannesburg Plant organic beans tomatoes spinach carrots etc chillies
JOINT AID MANAGEMENT Gauteng,  Just planting organic vegetables in primary schools in Kempton park
Champagne Machinery Mpumalanga, Nelspruit We run our Nelspruit office from home, so we will make an organic herb garden.
Space to Place Designs CC Gauteng, Pretoria To plant a garden each at our homes
Orionis CC Gauteng, Benoni Plant the veg in season with my Mom. We make own compost so will be using that to enrich soil
Go Green Qwa-Qwa Free State,  Go Green Qwa-Qwa will have a community day on 22 September, sharing and celebrating the successes of the Go Green Qwa-Qwa community project. Go Green Qwa-Qwa is a project involving 20 community members from Qwa-Qwa who have started their own organic food gardens.
Tops Creative Services (TOPS) Gauteng, Johannesburg We donít have a garden facility at our offices, but will plant certain herbs and veggies in containers in the area we have available. These will be used to enhance our lunchtime sandwiches which are made for us daily in our offices. We will also encourage our customer base to share in this initiative.
BIO-SIL Gauteng, Johannesburg We will enthuse our staff to participate and see how they can benefit themselves from such a wonderful initiative
keepinITsimple Eastern Cape, East London School project with Grade5 learners. Introduction to Organic growing, collection of materials and practical growing of gardens at school.
Isibani Skills Academy KwaZulu Natal, Durban To get 10 Early Childhood Development organisations planting.
Blues Alley Trading North West, Mafikeng Plant organic vegies and trees.
Home Western Cape, Simons Town Pllant seeds and for my 2 workers they can make planters out of tyres and plant organic seeds and use worm juce. tend it and enjoy the eating.
FTLT - Focus Team Leadership Training Gauteng, Pretoria Grow a little organic garden outside our office
Energetix Healing Gauteng, Johannesburg Awesome initiative! We already have a successful kitchen garden & have planned on planting a wider variety of veges & herbs. Cheers to a healthier, greener SA :)
Genergy Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth supply organic seedlings to all employees
The Orchards Nutrition Centre Eastern Cape, Somerset East Here on the farm we already have an organic veggie garden growing. On planting day we will issue our 8 farm labourers with a different packet of veg seed each to plant in their own veg garden at their homes. When the vegetables are ready for picking they can share and sell as they choose.
GALLAN Architects Gauteng, Johannesburg Not employees but associates... Haven't thought on a plan as yet... will however get started sometime soon...
Naturali Catchi Rhythms Western Cape, Cape Town Bring the awareness of Planting Season to all participants in our regular drumming circles & encourage them to participate on planting day by giving out vegetable seeds to be planted on the day.
Discover Ballooning Gauteng, Midrand We already have an organic vegetable garden which we will be growing bigger and better!
Photo Click Western Cape, Hermanus We want to start a small veggie garden
Astrin Consulting Gauteng, Vanderbijlpark I would like to start a little organic garden, but this may be difficult since I do not have much space. If this is not possilble, I could start a planter box. I have already started collecting all relevant peels and other waste from fruit and vegetables that we use in our home.
Carpet Cleaning Systems Gauteng, Roodepoort We will be planting Marigolds and flat leef parsley inbetween some Spinach and tomato plants and allow the staff to pick and take home. Staff will maintain the patch too.
DJR Professional Services Gauteng, Johannesburg Train People about Organic Vegetable Gardening / Farming. We already have an Organic Vegetable Garden on the Premises.
2d2c Recruitment Gauteng, Heidelberg As part of the outreach to the elderly we will plant 12 2mX1m beds of various organic vegetables to feed about 20 elderly people with good organic vegetables
Mudanca Gauteng, Pretoria We are planning to plant chilles, herb and vegatable garden
Exclusive Getaways Western Cape, Cape Town Provide seed to staff to plant veggies!
Chazelle Marketing Gauteng, Pretoria I have confirmed with Hospice Centurion, to start a vegetable garden for them. I will be working with the "Farming Gods Way" Training team and get assistance from a Childrenís Home in Pretoria Gardens.
@titude Gauteng, Centurion It's our 10th birthday in September so we'll be giving all our clients little ceramic pots with organic seeds so they can grow their own organic salad.
Energy Resource Optimizers CC Gauteng, Pretoria Each employee will receive six vegetable seedlings to plant.

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