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Participating companies

The following 394 companies have agreed to plant on Planting Day. Get your office to join in the fun!

Company name:

4 Data Networking Solutions CC Gauteng, Pretoria We will all be planting our favourite veggies at the office and at home and I already have herbs in the garden at home. Happy Planting Everyone!!
GREENHAVEN TOURS Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth planting organic herbs, spinach, tomatoes and green beans in the veggie garden path. Each one of us wil be responsable for the choosen plants. The veggies will be donated to the little farm school in the area.
Laerskool HoŽveld Mpumalanga, Secunda Distribution of seed, informationsessions for learners
KZN Department of Agriculture& Environmental Affai KwaZulu Natal, Ladysmith The department has already provided all employees with a garden fork, irrigation funnel, compost (organic) and a number of seeds packets. I think for a start this is where it will all begin.
Hayward's Safaris Gauteng, Cullinan All our staff will receive their first vegetables grown from our organic gardens on this day
R.C. Diocese of Kimberley North West, Mafikeng The soil would have been prepared already so I together with all the employee will go out to plant seasons vegetables for the centre and for our use.
NovaCom Solutions Western Cape, Cape Town Myself and the company is planing to plant culinary herbs.
self Gauteng, Krugersdorp Well have to think about it, but will def plant and find out more about organic vegetables
Holistix Gauteng, Randburg plant a veg garden both indoor and outdoor
brunodogs Gauteng, Magaliesburg Have transformed 2 sqm of bush into a herb garden. Was hard work. Under 10 cm of soil there is rock. Have planted Citronella, Peppermint, Lavender, Basilicum and Rosemary. I water them every other day.
SVS Boerdery North West, Rustenburg Organic horticulture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. We will follow the father of organic farming Sir Albert Howard and by participating in this monumental occasion we make farmworkers etc aware of the importance of organic farming.
self Gauteng, Pretoria I do organic veg. gardening for years. If you want to make old bones, never be sick, you have to eat organic. www.ahealthysite.co.za
Protea Hotel The Park Our team will plant vegetables & herbsin the garden, which will be used in the hotel. Whoever plants what will be responsible to care & maintain.
Cooper & Lombard Imported Jewelry Eastern Cape, East London We plan a (get to gather day) for our employees and their family to take part in the planting day.
La Boheme Guesthouse Northern Cape, Upington Each employee will receive either seeds or a small fruit tree to plant on a patch which will be created for this purpose in the guesthouse's garden. Employees will be trained how to look after those veggies & fruit trees. First harvest will be given to them. Once employees have learnt about the procedures, seeds and/or fruit trees will be sponsored by the guesthouse for planting at their homes.
Blue Delta Western Cape, Cape Town Plant stuff, have a braai!
Fumani Ndzalo Trd enter cc Mpumalanga, Nelspruit My wife Thembi and I will plant two trees; one each
Thabi-Mari Construction Gauteng, Benoni Indoor plant box
Upcycle Gauteng, Johannesburg Start a new set of vegtables for the season.
The Celtis Manor Guest House Gauteng, Midrand Plant veggies
nt' SHonalanga Valley resort Gauteng, Centurion We have started our mini vegetable and herb garden already. The garden staff tend to the vegetable and many of these vegetables are cooked in our kitchen for our clients. The rest is given to the staff to take home.
Sandton Nozipho B&B Gauteng, Sandton employee cell 0823788086
Repello SA Eastern Cape, East London Supply seeds to my staff, and provide then with the organic spray to guard against pests
Landplan Eastern Cape, East London Will start an organic garden at the entrance to the office so that it is visible to all visitors who will then be influenced to do the same.
Decks By Design Eastern Cape, St Francis Bay We're building planters from decking for every employee to keep at home. On Planting Day we'll use organic compost from my home garden (been making my own compost for 4 years now) to plant some basic herbs and veggies.Each one does his own with some guidance.
self Gauteng, Kyalami As we live on 50 acres i will have seedlings that i have done ready for staff to plant. We sift our own organic compost and use only this and have great veg.
Royal Lodge Western Cape, Beaufort West Will grow a little patch in the garden & everybody will get 5 minutes every day to visit and talk to the plants
SABUSINESSHUB(Pty)Ltd Western Cape, Cape Town Already started with green beans,cabbage and unions.
AGP Services Western Cape, Cape Town I will definitely be increasing my organic herb garden and will be planting some veggies - not sure yet, which veggies but am looking at garlic, potatoes and onions, green peppers, beetroot, carrots.
LIBRALEX Gauteng, Pretoria We will plant a vegetable in my herb garden!
Sunshine Diamonds KwaZulu Natal, Durban We'll get some indoor planters going with herbs and a basic veggie or two, and encourage all our associates to plant something organic. Thank you for creating this initiative!
FullHouse Archive, Sandton Gauteng, Sandton I will send out details to scouting and other youth groups and encourage them to participate
GreenEdge Communications Western Cape, Cape Town Plant out the seedlings I will have already started off, and share them with neighbours and colleagues.
Malcolm Brown & Associates KwaZulu Natal,  I will send an email out to my database inviting them to join the initiative!
Khethiwe Communications CC Gauteng,  re-instate an unused part of my existing veggie garden ( I run a business from home) and name it The Khethiwe Plot - namesdafter my adopted daughter - it means "Chosen". We will work on it together.
Farming God's Way Gauteng, Pretoria I am currently teaching people to farm and plant vegetable gardens. This is on going, so I will be out planting on the 22nd.
Living Green Western Cape, Cape Town Plant a vegetable garden in three townships, training local farmers in the skills of sustainable agriculture.
Pixel Workshop Gauteng, Sandton We have already started to prepare a bed, and will be selecting vegetables together to feed ourselves and our families.
Botany Appliances Western Cape, Knysna We will provide each of our staff members with a tray of 6 vegetable seedlings (whatever is in season) and encourage them to plant and nurture their crop. I think that it is a great idea to do it at the factory so they can compete with one another to see who is the most attentive
Rainmakers Talent Gauteng, Edenvale I have a small patch of soil outside my office that is going to become a mini-vegie patch. Hopefully my smoke breaks will now become "talk to the plants" breaks!! ;-)
3D Deco Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay We will reestablish the permaculture garden. We are going to complete the permaculture workshop with all our employees and put in 500 edible and medicinal plants in the garden where the office is (at the house). We are already collecting all the yogurt and other jars to be used for planting. We are going to remove most of our grass away and turn it into organic circular gardens with a tree/compost pit being in the middle with a path around and inside. We will grow 5.5 m sunflowers like we did last year so birds and staff can eat the seed. With love and light may all things shine bright.
Holton & Associates Gauteng, Johannesburg Holton & Assocaites will begin to plant all of our window boxes at the office for all of our employees to take part in.
Uniquely You Gauteng, Sandton sending an email out to my database inviting them to join the initiative and then referring as many people as possible
Majestic Interactive Gauteng, Sandton We are sending out a notification to our databases containing 20,000 people and sponsoring each of our staff members to get started with a garden. Our technology system is being used to make this initiative possible and there is a banner on our home page - www.majesticway.net.

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