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Participating companies

The following 426 companies have agreed to plant on Planting Day. Get your office to join in the fun!

Company name:

Abalimi Bezekhaya - 'farmers of home' Western Cape, Cape Town we are supporting 3000 micro-farmers in the sub-economic townships of Cape Town to plant seasonal and cash crops organically
Lilogo Lodge Gauteng, Johannesburg We will be planting flowers seeds and will create a nice organic herbs garden.
Legae La Nnete Gauteng, Honeydew Plant tomatoes in a tunnel
Bluff Eco Park KwaZulu Natal, Durban We plant organic vegetables at our premises on Planting Day for Planting Season
The Beach Camp Western Cape, Paternoster plant veggies
Tree Frog Landscapes KwaZulu Natal, Durban Send "special edition" of our newsletter packed with planting info to clients and will assist Northlands Girls' High to extend their community food and urban garden.
Alberton Remedial Therapy Centre Gauteng, Alberton Plant a small outdoor organic garden. Educate our learners in organic planting.
Positive Cycle Gauteng, Johannesburg I will be planting 100 Maringa teees, they are edible so you can say I'm planting a future food supply
MetaPerformance Gauteng, Johannesburg Plant a little patch of herbs and other edible plants
Moonprint Concerts for the Earth Gauteng, Pretoria We're planting three trees 40 youth leaders at the Beeld Youth Forum in Potchefstroom. We're also regular veggie garden planters at schools and in communities...
Avance Photography KwaZulu Natal, Port Shepstone Starting our own little garden! Avance Photography will take the first step towards making a difference!
home owner KwaZulu Natal, Durban bought a wormery and started an organic section in my garden. Hope to gradually go to full organic
SPA-DETOX-HEALTH Gauteng, Pretoria start with a small sustainable vegetable garden, add some strawberry hanging baskets to existing fruit trees and create own compost
Hearth & Soul Eco-Farm Western Cape, Napier plant out our veggie seedlings in our farm garden
Woodlands Country Cottages Eastern Cape, Kenton on Sea Have already started an org vegg Garden which ALL my staff for my guest Cottages are tending - Is not to make money just to FEED all. - Should there be an overflow , the Staff will be able to sell / Donate in the local Township. We have a HOST of seedlings we have been waiting anxiously to plant but will only do so on PLANTING DAY. Will also sow new seeds on that day too. Am hoping to have our Worm Farm ready to crack a Bottle on Planting day !.
Chekadee-It Western Cape, Cape Town will be planting organic vegetable seedlings and indigenous plants
Oobar Trading Western Cape, Cape Town Plant spring vegetables, and flowers for summer.
LAPA Publishers Gauteng, Pretoria We are planning to start a herb garden. We will also plant a tree.
Agriculture Eastern Cape, Umtata organise farmers from all the villages that are served and make a planting day for vegetables in maybe in one or two project,but you can give me your advise because it will be the first time i'm doing it so i dont have a clear idea of what is really happening that day. i'm not really in Umtata but in Willowvale
starfm North West, Klerksdorp we would plant vegetables for a disability centre in Jouberton
Ethical Co-op Western Cape, Cape Town Work as it's one of our main operations days...We do however supply a variety of seeds as well as cow patties and will encourage orders for these during this week by creating awareness of Planting Day...
SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants Bloemfontein SSI will be getting window boxes and supplying each staff member with seeds and start our own balcong vegitable garden.
Gauteng Smallholder Magazine Gauteng, Kempton Park We will be out tending our already-established veg garden which keeps us all pretty well supplied with veg in season all year round
Distinction Building Contractors Western Cape, Velddrift Extend our veggie range and care for our existing organic vegetable garden
Beautiful Earth Gauteng, Pretoria We already have an extensive organic vegetable garden that we all take part in watering and all take home the wounderful produce.
SAMusic.co.za Gauteng, Centurion extend our heirloom gardens at the office
the recycling lady Eastern Cape, St Francis Bay sow our first seedlings for our brand new home veggie garden
Wizzardworms.co.za KwaZulu Natal, Greytown We have a half hectare organic garden and will be planting carrots cabbage,lettuce and broccoli
Twilight Children Gauteng, Johannesburg Plant Spinach, potatoes, onions, carrots
Staff U Need Gauteng, Johannesburg Plant Veggies
Moonprint Concerts for the Earth Gauteng, Pretoria Planting trees with Trees 4 Schools in Jhb West area at two schools
Eastleigh sea scouts Gauteng, Edenvale firstly we are scouts not a company. Each of our 8 patrols is in the process of digging a vegetable bed at our lake. which we will be planting for the first time this September. we hope to provide local charities like the Edenvale care centre with fresh vegetables.
Greenpiece Garden Centre Not sure yet. Have been away and just returned. We are in Botswana and I am giving a talk to the local garden club early in August... thought it might be a good idea to try and get Botswana people involved.
The Four Man Section 21 Gauteng, Johannesburg We intend to plant seedlings inside tyres and other containers. We want to plant vegetables and herbs but we are not sure which ones are suitable for the season. We will ask from the nearest nursery and other garden projects
Vhacks Landscaping Gauteng, Cullinan planting indigenous trees
Scattered Dreams Western Cape, Cape Town While moving house, and still working from home, I've decided to divide the garden to planting... and while one side is strictly for herbs, and for planting day i've decided we're going to add flower's and plants that add color! Surely it could brighten up anyone's day...
Oryx Trust Eastern Cape, Jeffrey's Bay We're planting up vegetable seedlings in newspaper/cardboard pots and will be giving these away with info cards on the big day. Courtyard filling up with tubs of soil & seed!
E'skhaleni Gauteng, Soweto First charity begins at home, we will be planting first at the company premises and at our own houses to show how much we support the initiative. And envolve the youth and some local business
Jason Whitehead Western Cape, Cape Town I already have an organic garden patch at home, which I plan to expand on Planting Day. Seeing as though my cherry tomatoes are going out of season, I will plant something for winter - any ideas would be appreciated!
Worms 4 Africa KwaZulu Natal, Howick planted a variety of herbs and veges, spinach, cabbage, broccoli etc
HORTICULTRIX KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg I plan on planting seeds of food plants to use in future Permaculture Gardens. Lets all work together to reduce our emissions and create a sustainable lifestyle!
Breaking Ground learning and Development Western Cape, Cape Town Peas,lettuce. corn and a number of herbs
Econo Pumps Gauteng, Cullinan We have planted a range of plants in our experimental Greenhouse in experimental plant boxes using experimental grow media. It is looking good at this stage and photos will be sent to you at a later date.
The Sunflower Patch Plant Squash zucchini bell peppers cilantro blackeyed susans lavender sunflowers blueberry bush
St Dunstan's College Enviro club Gauteng, Benoni The school children have planted vegetables seeds, which when grown will be donated to a children's home.
Woema graphic and Web Gauteng, Centurion I'm going to give a little training on planting veggies and herbs. Then we are going to plant seeds and seedlings in pots and put it in our entrance hall at our office. This is almost like a greenhouse, so it will be interesting to see how it grows!!
The Organic Herb Company Gauteng, Honeydew Several items in our diary for the 20th. Assisting 2 families plan and plant their veggie garden Attending a country market at the Heritage School in Kroomdraai and will be giving out info on herb and veggie growing along with seedlings to school children Revamping our own gardens from which staff also harvest for their own needs
Feng Shui in Design Gauteng, Johannesburg We are planting fresh tomato seeds, potato and onions that uneaten and a couple of herbs
Mighty-IT Western Cape, Robertson We will be planting veg and flowers
Soulroots eco developments We are planning to plant an organic veg and herb garden at Inyanga primary school.

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