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Claire Reid Our Reel Gardening Garden
Positive Cycle Jacques Damhuis Sustainable Urban Solutions for city and suburban dwellers. Designer vegetable gardens and edible landscapes
Janet Botes Janet Botes I've been growing my own herbs & veggies, and not only is it fun and amazing to see them grow, it's also delicious!
Sheryl/roy The mokoro veg garden
Conscious Spaces Christine cameron organic veg garden for 1 person
Health Stress Management Benjie van der Merwe Here is a sunflower we planted. Has anyone seen one that produced so many heads... normally there is only one per plant. Here a celebration of abundance.
Natures Haven Lodge Ursula Groenewald Planting at the Bluff Eco Park, Durban.
Apix Ziani j van rensburg Small urban veggie garden. This will be the second season. We used black storage bins. We find we can control the weeds easier and can have a variety of different veggies
pfisterer Rowan Christie I have 2 veggie patches that have a range of vegatbles and herbs and the list grows every week with new additions.
SOAPkidz Karen Hauptfleisch SOAPkidz (Sunrise on Africa's Peaks kidz) never laughted so much in their entire life. Can't wait for the next Planting Day.
3D Deco Alosha Lynov germinating tomatoes instead of 14 days in 11 hours using lunar calendar and sacred geometry Also using waste to grow food in
Oryx Trust Sharon Diogo Seedlings sprouting, ready for sharing...
Candy Haefeli Straw Bale Vegetable Garden -the latest idea for small gardens -snail free!!!
Out of the Box Skills Development Nina Venjakob Out of the Box Veg Project
Rhodes University Nikki Kohly My favourite herbs, including nasturtiums (tasty in salad; they seed themselves readily), sweet basil, thyme, marjoram and garlic chives. I planted them beside my existing lemon grass, chilli & perennial basil. Note the bits of old grass mat used as mulch!
Transnet Port Terminals Petra Arendse 1st.- It all start with a small begining for the first time 2nd -I used recycled jogurt holders to start the planting 3rd - The ground start to green around.
Avo Audio Brenda Our garden is in the backyard of our home. The area has been prepared and waiting for veggies since January. We finally made a start by planting lettuces, broccoli, and some herbs. We have plans to do Jungle Gardening like Jane Griffiths does in her book "Jane's Delicious Garden". Looking forward to getting a worm bin too. And looking forward to using our garden as a way to s-l-o-w down our lives because we'll have to make time to look after our veggies if we want to reap the benefits of organic gardening.
ACDP Marlene Briel Herb Garden started planting Garlic Chives
Rudie Nienaber Hi. This is my contribution for the day. Hope its all right, since it is not indigenous.
Go 2 Natural Sue Mimm Our home veggie garden which was planted on the last Planting Season Day in September 2009, is growing well! My kids are very involved in the care and harvesting of our beans, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, basil, mint, chillis, sage and lavendar. The monkeys get their fair share too unfortunately! We have made a delicious basil pesto, chilli sauce from our garden, and tastes better than any store bought product! We also have regular visits from butterflies, frogs, camelions and an abundance of insect life. We have plans to extend our veggie garden this year too!
BIOWASH SOUTHERN AFRICA Marietjie Lacomme Biowash SA's Contribution to a healthier and sustainable planet.
Living Green Sam Adams Living Green's Organic Food Gardens www.startlivinggreen.co.za
clouddog Teresa Brosnan Transforming a school in Elspark to self sufficiency with a surplus for teachers, parents and the local supermarket!
Isondo Music Sibusiso Victor Masondo In Washington DC
Patricia Ledoux Tyre Veg Garden
Operation Teddy Bear Care Colleen FRIDAY Growing vegetables in a drought stricken are using containers and drip system
Space to Place Designs CC Elsie Roulston Summer veggies
Giba Organics Sean Platt Growing Veggies using Earthboxes and raised beds at our Food Nursery and Educational Demo Farm - www.gibaorgaincs.co.za
JJS Metal art Johan Steyn My vegies
Gaia Grows Nursery & organic Veg Tessa Saul growing organis veg for 2 years now, available to purchase.
Self Jurie Linde Trees and veggies in my garden.
Jaundre Smit Smit you don't need a farm to grow your own vegetables
Gill's Homeschool Gill Scott Scott family planting red onion seedlings
Private Tika Nel Tika's Little Garden
Cytrus Martin Duys trying a circle garden....
Study Workshop Maru van der Merwe The first seedlings in my new raised bed
RE/MAX of Southern Africa Vicky Goslett Did our bit for "planting season" and added some colour to our garden
Lou Jewellers Lou Venter Venter Veggie garden. Onions planted and the rest of the garden seeded with different veggies.
Crazy Diamond Organic Education Carey Yarrow Yarrow Samhitakasha budding in the sea breeze.
A Home school family Linnie Lues The seven Lues children planting strawberries.
Midgard Thomas Linders Planting seedlings & seeds into EarthBoxes with the children of a Montessori nursery school
DJR Professional Services Dave Ridley Bio Organic Broccoli,Butter Lettuce and Seedlings.
WESSA Western Cape Patrick Dowling WESSA Western Cape Staff planting herbs next to Fynbos close to Equinox 2009
Stefanie Schutte Stef's Veggie Garden
Democratic Alliance KZN Gareth Morgan Planting by DA MP Gareth Morgan and Cllr Noma Phungula, along with local community members at a garden in Mpumalanga, just outside Durban
Haai-5 Swim School Tracy Statt My container garden that we started when Planting Season first came into our lives... peas, red lettuce, green lettuce, spinach, dill, spring onions, rocket, peppers, cherry tomatoes, gooseberries galore...
MJR International .Gnld Distributor Johnny Wilsenach Wilsenach Marie ceating her own organic vegetable garden!
DontKillthePlanet Kevin Shoulder Re using an old Jungle Gym we made a new veggie garden to keep out the Great Dane and Rottweiler!
Geoscience Laboratories Marjo Hofman The Geoscience Veg garden

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