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The following websites are actively promoting Planting Season. Register on the home page and put a live countdown on your website within minutes!

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Cape Town Red Hat Renegades www.ctrhr.co.za
A Home school family www.backtoancientways.blogspot.com
Home Harvester http://homeharvester.wordpress.com/
Birthing in Awareness www.birthing.co.za
Greenworks http://www.greenworks.co.za/recyclepage.html
Execweb Concepts http://www.gardeningeden.co.za
Africa Nature Training https://www.africanaturetraining.co.za/
Z-systems http://lesliev.livejournal.com
Tau Game Lodge www.taugamelodge.co.za
Chronicle http://www.chronicle.za.net
44 Stanley Avenue www.44stanley.co.za
Goodbugs www.goodbugs.co.za
Private Home, Fischers http://sites.google.com/site/mjfischerfamily/
NGO www.toadnuts.co.za
jouwereld e-tydskrif http://www.jouwereld.co.za/jl_plant_seisoen.html
Conscript Africa (Pty) Ltd www.conscript.co.za
Gina Ross Design www.saphrite.blogspot.com
Homeleigh Halt Guest House www.homeleighhalt.com
nt' SHonalanga Valley resort www.shonalanga.co.za
Neibourhood Sustainability Group - Port Elizabeth https://sites.google.com/site/nmbtransitionnetwork/
SOAPkidz http:///www.soapkidz.org
Naturals beauty www.naturalsbeauty.co.za
Keyline Graphics http://www.keyline.co.za
Go 2 Natural http://go2natural.bofnetworx.co.za
RE/MAX of Southern Africa http://www.remax.co.za/Remax-Goes-Green/
self monica.haddad@breede.co.za
KREATIV SA http://allpoetry.com/myrataal
I Need Cash www.ineedcash.co.za
Spirals Yoga&Art Studio www.spiralsyoga.co.za
Urban Harvest Edible Gardens www.urbanharvest.co.za
Karen se Kruie cc www.herbsforhealth.co.za
african bliss www.africanbliss.blogspot.com
Free Life on Earth http://www.freelifeonearth.org
diy-stress-relief.com www.diy-stress-relief.com
gary Hartman WWW.anstan.co.za
Sojourney www.astroganix.co.za
Gerbera.org www.gerbera.org
90x2030 www.90x2030.org.za
My Fingertips IT Services www.myfingertips.co.za
Rhodes University http://www.ru.ac.za/environment
MAKANA C&I TECHNOLOGIES www.eppafs.co.za
Drumblade Conservancy www.durmblade.co.za/conservancy.html
The Red Barn Restaurant www.theredbarn.co.za
Soulogical Daily Planner & life Guide www.astroganix.co.za
SABC www.sabceducation.co.za
THe Manderson Hotel and Conference Centre www.manderson.co.za
Standard Bank www.iwanttoknow.co.za
Yoga Teachers' Fellowship www.ytf.co.za
none margienhariwa@gmail.com

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